Get A Glimpse At London’s First Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-Free Italian Restaurant


Ardiciocca March 184649

Roberto Costa is launching London’s first gluten, dairy and sugar-free Italian restaurant this April

If you love healthy cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Roberto Costa and the team behind the Italian butchery with tables, Macellaio RC, are opening their fifth London restaurant, but this time there’s no steak in sight.

Ardiciocca, meaning artichoke in Genoese-Italian, is launcheing in Fulham this April, with chef Simona Ranieri offering beautiful Mediterranean cuisine that is entirely gluten, dairy and sugar-free.

For founder Roberto Costa, simplicity is key, and the finest ingredients should always be treated with a delicate touch, allowing the natural flavours to speak for themselves. This ethos, or Metodo Costa, is central to both Macellaio RC and Ardiciocca.

Roberto & Simona

Taking the helm in the Ardiciocca kitchen is the renowned Italian chef and cookbook author, Simona Ranieri.

A coeliac with a love of good food and a passion for nutrition, Simona believes that no flavour, colour or texture should be compromised in the pursuit of healthy dining.

Ardiciocca March 184659

The new menu features:
• Marinated and flamed mackerel, kimchi cucumber, dill and coconut yogurt
• Beetroot tartare, mustard and green apple sorbet
• Pea ravioli with almond, borage and clam broth
• Slow-cooked lamb with kimchi
• Grilled Albenga artichoke with hummus, pine nuts and bottarga
• Matcha tea ice cream with pure chocolate, amaranth pops, and quinoa
• Simona’s signature Almond tiramisu

Ardiciocca March 184775

The wine list focuses on natural, organic and biodynamic wines, selected not only to achieve a low allergenic impact on the body, but also to support small artisan traders around the world.

Ardiciocca March 184759

Ideal for the health crowd or simply those looking for a light bite this summer, the new restaurant is ideal for a delicious and sin-free feast. Dig in!  

Make it happen
Ardiciocca, 461-465 North End Road, Fulham, London SW6 1NZ. Visit for more. 


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