Explora Luxury Cruises Welcomes 3-Star Michelin Chef Aboard Latest Ocean Journey

The much-anticipated maiden journey of Explora I is making headlines with the addition of highly-acclaimed Italian chef Mauro Uliassi onboard

Explora Journeys announced the three-Michelin-star awardee as the first guest chef at cruise restaurant Anthology, which will be offering a curated menu that blends traditional and modern Italian cuisine.

As per The New York Times, one-of-a-kind culinary experiences like this have compelled tourists all over the world to plan entire trips around reservations. Explora stands out in this regard as it blends exceptional fine dining with the comforts of luxury travel.

Credit: @explorajourneys via Instagram

The Ocean State of Mind and Chef Uliassi

Credit: @explorajourneys via Instagram

As budding leaders in luxury ocean travel, Explora‘s cruises are designed to create lasting memories through a wide range of deluxe amenities and services. All of these encourage the adoption of an “ocean state of mind”, wherein one is inspired to “travel a further, immerse deeper, and linger a little longer.” Case in point, Explora elevates shopping at sea with its selection of upscale artisanal brands like Soley Organics, Kampos, and Borsalino in its elegant retail space called The Journey.

From port to suite, guests’ needs will be met by hospitality experts who offer personalised experiences such as offering your choice of wines and spirits. With every inch of the Explora journey dedicated to unparalleled luxury and reinvigoration, wellness and fitness programmes, as well as entertainment experiences, are available to enrich the soul. Nourishment will come from the diverse culinary offerings onboard that promises sophistication while dining at sea. There will be nine dining experiences available, including French, Pan-Asian, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine.

On top of these dining options, Explora has brought in even more culinary expertise and Italian authenticity with one of the world’s finest chefs: Mauro Uliassi. The Italian native is famous for being the man behind Uliassi, a restaurant in Senigallia on the eastern coast of Italy. Beginning as a small, family-owned restaurant in 1990, it has since garnered three Michelin stars for its complex and innovative seafood dishes. Many world-renowned chefs, such as Fabio Trabbochi of Fiola, even cite it as a personal favourite, demonstrating its influence. The once-quiet beachside town of Senigallia now hosts flocks of tourists who come to sample Uliassi’s celebrated cooking. It was this familiarity with the ocean’s bounty that prompted Chef Mauro Uliassi to partner with Explora for a dining course that celebrates the sea and sustainability.

An Exclusive Dining Experience

Credit: @explorajourneys via Instagram

Chef Mauro Uliassi’s tasting menu for Explora I will showcase the rich flavours of the sea through eight courses. It begins with a cuttlefish tagliatelle amuse-bouche, followed by five entrees. These are the raw red shrimp, Rimini fest grilled squid skewer, tuna “alla puttanesca”, marinara marrowbone, and pasta and tomato à la Hilde. Guests can choose between beef fillet, seabass, or smoked tofu for the main course. The meal ends sweetly with meringue, tiramisu, and other Uliassi-style desserts.

As mentioned above, Chef Mauro Uliassi will share his menu onboard at Anthology. Explora describes this restaurant as a stage where international culinary talents can display their creations in collaboration with their Head of Culinary Franck Garanger. Chef Mauro is the first, but over time it will feature an array of celebrated guest chefs that will curate their own distinctive menus. At Anthology, guests can choose to dine indoors or enjoy their meals al fresco. The tasting menu costs £165 per person and an additional £65 for a wine pairing. Reservations are recommended to ensure that guests can take part in this dining concept.

Guests will have the opportunity to dine at Anthology throughout Explora I’s maiden journey. The cruise will depart on July 17, 2023, from Southampton and sail for 15 nights. It will make its way into the Norwegian fjords and the Arctic Circle towards Copenhagen, Denmark.

The cruise ends its journey when it reaches New York on September 25, 2023. This limited run for Explora and Chef Mauro Uliassi’s partnership is set to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience that guests surely wouldn’t want to miss. For more information on luxury travel and destinations, visit The Wordrobe.

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