Ega Juice Clinic: Delivering the Luxury of Being Healthy

Discover the impressive benefits of natural products and Ayurveda medicine with Singapore-based Ega Juice Clinic

In today’s world of fast-paced life, chronic stress, lifestyle issues and diseases, being healthy is becoming a coveted luxury. Pharmaceutical companies offer a myriad of solutions to alleviate painful conditions. But there is another way. The ancient Indian health science of Ayurveda offers a way of life in which you won’t need medication or hospitals.

Following the principles of Ayurveda, Ega Juice Clinic offers a new approach to taking care of your health with natural products and the right way to eat them. The brand’s vision of preventive healthcare was met with enthusiasm, and this year, the company has become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Fitness & Wellness in Singapore.

Ega Juice Clinic was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Sumit Nanda and physician Dr. Ratheesh CT. During the preceding years, Sumit’s life was characterized by poor health and various chronic illnesses that classical Western medicine could not cope with.

After meeting Dr. Ratheesh and discovering detoxification and other possibilities of Ayurveda teachings, Sumit’s life completely changed. He forgot about diseases and medications and has been feeling fresh and energetic for 5 years. Having made food his main medicine, Sumit decided to help other people and share his experience with them. 

Today Ega Juice Clinic is a famous Singapore-based Ayurvedic detox brand that offers a huge range of natural products for cleansing and maintaining health. The list of products includes fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, detox juices, body-cleansing health drinks, turmeric lattes, and cold brew coffees. Sumit Nanda and Dr. Ratheesh combine the philosophy of Ayurveda with their knowledge of nutrition to provide personalized consultations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I am happy with the results of our work. It gives me great joy to help people improve their wellness and find their optimal lifestyle to stay healthy. I’m sure our winning the LLA will allow us to help even more people,” said Sumit Nanda, co-founder of Ega Juice Clinic. 

Ega Juice Clinic’s first retail store opened in 2017. Today, the brand is known throughout Singapore and has five stores nationwide offering health products and Ayurveda and lifestyle advice. The company has more than 200,000 customers, their juice cleanse program has been used by 6,000 people so far, and more than 5,000 customers have sought healthcare counseling.

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