3 Ways with Banana Bread

With a few ripe bananas and a handful of cupboard staples, you can conjure the moistest batch of banana bread. From lip-smacking indulgence to nutritious bakes, three chefs share their recipes for a loaf of banana-filled perfection.

Trine Hahnemann's Sourdough Bread

4 Ways With Sourdough

here’s never been a better time to switch on the oven and sink your teeth into a loaf of home-baked sourdough. From classic loaves to cod cheek creations, four top chefs share their sumptuous sourdough recipes.

Paris Brest With Rum Custard

Dig a fork into this Paris Brest. An exquisite dessert. this creation is made from choux pastry piped into a circle, covered in flaked almonds and filled with a mixture of praline, creme patissier and whipped cream.