Can ASMR Help Soothe Brits’ Wintertime Woes?

As we enter 2021, and times continue to remain uncertain, it is more important than ever for us to take time out for a ‘me’ moment, allowing us to refocus and de-stress whenever needed.

To help us do this, flavour experts bottlegreen, have partnered with the UK’s leading ASMR expert, Emma WhispersRed, to create a soothing seasonal symphony to help ease stress and calm the mind.

Research commissioned by bottlegreen drinks has unveiled that almost two thirds (59%) of Brits are feeling more apprehensive than ever about the winter season.

With concerns about the colder weather (50%), shorter evenings (32%) and uncertainty about visiting family and friends, combined with another (potentially imminent!) national lockdown, it’s easy to understand why 44% of Brits say they are finding it harder than ever to relax, with 51% of these being female.

During a time when turbulence in life is rife, is imperative that we find ways and methods to help us to relax. In order to help soothe the soul, allow us to refocus our priorities and to generate a sense of calm, bottlegreen and Emma WhispersRed have collaborated to create a symphony of our favourite seasonal sounds to help us to unwind.

Click above to play the ASMR!

The fascinating symphony combines the perfect blend of ingredients that Brits find most relaxing – listening to music (44%), me-time moments (29%), sitting down with a nice drink (28%), meditation (9%) and listening to relaxing podcasts (7%).

As days are getting colder and nights continue to draw in, the ASMR symphony incorporates the top ten seasonal sounds that Brits find most relaxing, including the crunching of leaves on a winter walk (33%), the crackle of logs burning on an open fire (32%), and the sound of rain (31%) – all activities that can still be enjoyed over the next few weeks – resulting in the ultimate seasonal symphony to be savoured while you ‘sip back and relax’ with bottlegreen.

Emma WhispersRed commented: “Whilst ASMR may not be able to whisper away all of our winter woes, it can have a calming effect and it’s no surprise that soothing, natural sounds were deemed to be the most relaxing.

ASMR videos are made using these sounds and movements to trigger the sensation which aids in sleep and anxiety reduction. I’m delighted to be working with bottlegreen on this campaign, as those who are responsive to ASMR can benefit from significant health benefits including decreased heart rate, activation of specific areas of the brain, relaxation and reduced stress.

In addition, ASMR has been shown to help people cope with sadness and insomnia, as well as improve concentration, all things we could do with over the winter months.’’

Research: Commissioned by bottlegreen – 2,007 respondents – October 2020

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