Bryan Webb’s Asparagus With Balsamic Vinegar & Shaved Parmesan


Simple things are often the hardest because there is no room for error, and that’s the case here.

Your asparagus should ideally be very fresh – which is why local, seasonal asparagus is essential for this asparagus starter

For the asparagus:
• 32 asparagus spears
• 200g of Parmesan

For the dressing:
• 2 shallots
• 4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
• 150ml of virgin olive oil
• salt
• pepper

1 Have ready a pot of well-salted boiling water and warm four serving plates. Trim the asparagus and peel if desired.
To make the dressing, finely chop the shallots and put them in a bowl with the vinegar. Add the olive oil in a fine stream, then season with salt and pepper.
Boil the asparagus for 2—3 minutes, then use a pair of tongs to remove the spears to a tray so you can arrange them in a line.
Place the asparagus on the serving plates and spoon over some of the dressing. Use a potato peeler to cut several thin strips of Parmesan and throw them over each plate. Serve at once.

Recipe courtesy of Bryan Webb, originally published for Great British Chefs. See here for more. 


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