Break Out Of The Box With Lil Packaging

With sustainability being more important than ever before, discover custom printed ecommerce packaging that doesn’t comprise on quality or eco-consciousness with Lil Packaging

Looking after the planet in a sustainable manner has never been such a vital task. Luckily Lil Packaging, a world-class ecommerce packaging factory in Cambridgeshire, puts a plastic-free approach high up on their priority list.

Not only have they received Plastic Free accreditation from A Plastic Planet, but they’re also taking plenty of other steps to ensure a more sustainable planet. They’ve also partnered with 3 large (IR500) retailers on removing plastics from their packaging, redesigned their glues to reduce synthetic content and increase bio-based materials and reduced plastic usage within their own warehouse operations, to name just a few of their impressive actions.

They are 100% committed to phasing out plastic – collaborating with suppliers, investing significant energy into reducing their carbon footprint, reducing waste throughout production facilities and ultimately, ensuring that they practice what they preach.

So when it comes to finding great gift packaging, starting a side business or tweaking a business’ current process, Lil Packing makes an excellent choice – from cardboard boxes and kraft paper mail bags to corrugated postal boxes and mailer envelopes.

Tried, tested and perfected through extensive research with the world’s largest online retailers, that’s why they have the most operationally cost-effective range of custom printed ecommerce packaging and cardboard boxes on the market. Even better, they’re stylish too.

They’ve produced custom packaging for a huge host of applications and businesses — from Hotel Chocolat to Cadburys. Improve your business, save money and impress your customers — what’s not to love?

To find out more and break out of the box, visit

This feature was created in exchange for compensation from Lil Packaging

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