A Little Touch Of Magic

I’ve never been one to believe in magic. At least, not for a very long time. But recently, I’ve been peering into the world of make believe dreams just a little bit more. 

As a kid, things were different. Lucrative potion making with my sister back in our bathrooms often took place. I even had a Harry Potter themed birthday once – but when I grew older, reality took over.


That being said, the last few days have felt just a touch enchanted. Especially tonight. I’ve been here, there and everywhere this week – throwing myself into work as much as possible.


Tonight, I was making the voyage back from a seriously exquisite Edinburgh press trip. We’d been up to the gorgeous Balmoral hotel for a rather Harry Potter themed stay –  and when I was journeying back through London, such ‘magic’ was definitely still in the station air.


So. Five hours in to my travels, I was pretty shattered. I’d been sitting on one of the benches, suitcase and handbag in tow, waiting for my train.

Long story short, I was exhausted – that’s what four nights of limited sleep and long working hours will do to you.


A train guard came up to me, and asked where I was going, clasping a sheet of names. I imagine I looked quite haggard, so perhaps he was suspicious.

At first, I just assumed my train had been cancelled – it usually is. When I told him my destination (deepest darkest Sussex) he just declared the platform number, and off he went.


I thought nothing of it. Ten dozing minutes later, I grabbed my things and wandered across to the carriages. Train arrives, I scramble on, and sit there patiently, dreaming of coffee and worrying less. Five minutes to go. I’m still in typical day dreamer mode.


Then, suddenly – a frantic knock on the window. It’s the train guard – and he’s holding my beloved Fiorelli leather handbag. That bag had my soul in it – laptop, phone, keys, wallet, passport – the LOT. And I’d been so tired I’d walked off without it. I’d never have even realised. He’d remembered where I was going, my platform and walked down the train until he found me.


Now, if that isn’t magic – I’m not sure what is.

It’s safe to say I’m a little bit more of a believer of good karma now! Hope your weekends are equally lucky.  I’m off to Brighton and somewhere special for a weekend of exploring (and writing!)

Sophie x


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