5 treats to satisfy your inner fat girl 

Most of the time, I’m pretty good when it comes to what I eat. I’ve become one of those self-righteous salad chicks who takes her coffee black and likes to live in the gym. (Ugh, I know. I should probably get out more).  

There are times however, when I want nothing more than to find my nearest bakery and inhale more sugar in the space of ten minutes than is legally recommended for a month. Or when occasionally, the giant popcorn tubs at the cinema start looking awfully tasty. Or every once in a while, when my two long term boyfriends, Ben and Jerry, start hotline blinging from the freezer. 

You know what I’m talking about – when your inner fat girl just wants to let loose. 

Binging your heart out, however fun, never ends well. The horrendous stomach ache, the blood sugar spikes, the ‘where did half my fridge go’ regret the following morning. It’s just not worth it. Plus, I’ve spent too much money on my clothes not to fit into them. 

So, here are five of my favourite tactical treats to reach for when temptation strikes. 

1. Alpro soya is your new best friend 

This one’s for when I’m craving something sweet, like a big slice of cake or a rich dessert. Ditch those and pick up a pack of Alpro Soya pudding pots instead. 100% plant based, low in fat and just over 100 calories per pot, they’re a great alternative. 

Sprinkle half a packet of Graze chocolate cherry mix over the top (an ideal snack for portion control) and tuck in. The puddings come in vanilla, caramel, chocolate and dark chocolate flavour, so there’s plenty to satisfy every sweet tooth. 

2. Almond milk cappuccinos are the new hot chocolate  

I love a hot chocolate now and again, but with all of that sugar, whipped cream and fat, they’re not so friendly on my thighs. Swap your hot chocolate for an almond milk cappuccino instead. Frothy, creamy and utterly delectable, they’re low in fat and satiating too. Even Karlie Kloss’ a fan. 

3. The endless fountain of frozen fruit 

This is my go to option when I want a bowl of something massive to snack on. Filling, low fat, and great for guilt free refills, frozen fruit is my new favourite thing. Especially frozen mango. 

It tastes best (in my opinion) after it’s defrosted for a little while, so leave it out for around twenty minutes to enjoy a meltingly delicious texture. Grab a fork and tuck in. 

4. Edename beans with a twist 

Craving something sweet n’ salty? I love this healthier alternative to crisps, popcorn or other junk food. Add soy sauce and a tablespoon of hoisin sauce to edamame beans. Voila – sweet, salty and the perfect crunchy texture. Edaname beans are filling and high in protein too, so you’ll be left satisfied for longer. 

5. Bounce (ball) into action 

Swap chocolate bars and sugar filled protein shakes for a Bounce energy ball instead. With over 12g of protein, a gluten free recipe and an abundence of vitamins, the Almond Protein Hit is my ultimate favourite. 

It’s time to say goodbye to your usual milk chocolate and pick up one or two of these babies instead. They’re divine! 

So there we have it. There’s no need to deprive yourself if you’re craving a treat – you just have to choose smarter options that still satisfy.  Banish the binge and opt for nutritious alternatives – eating healthily doesn’t have to taste like cardboard! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed. 🙂

Soph xx

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