4 Ways With Sourdough

There’s never been a better time to switch on the oven and sink your teeth into a loaf of home-baked sourdough.

From classic loaves to cod cheek creations, four top chefs share their sumptuous sourdough recipes

Mark Hix's Sourdough

1 Mark Hix’s Sourdough

Michelin chef Mark Hix shares his recipe for a perfectly fluffy sourdough loaf.

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Freddie Janssen's Sourdough Flatbread With Cumin Lamb & Kebab Chillies

2 Freddie Janssen’s Sourdough Flatbread With Cumin Lamb & Kebab Chillies

Add a Middle Eastern edge to your next lunch with this flavoursome sourdough flatbread topped with melt-in-the-mouth lamb.

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Trine Hahnemann's Sourdough Bread

3 Trine Hahnemann’s Sourdough

Make your next batch of sourdough with a Scandinavian edge thanks to Trine Hahnemann’s recipe.

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4 James Martin’s Sourdough Cod Cheeks with Spicy Pea Salsa

James Martin serves up a plateful of crispy sourdough cod cheeks paired with a refreshing spicy pea salsa.

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