4 Ways With Gin

Forget the cocktail and treat yourself to one of these delicious gin-infused recipes instead

1 Fanny Zanotti’s Babas Au Gin & Tonic


A light raspberry syrup and a lot of gin and tonic – this boozy babas au gin makes for a divine plate.

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2 Brent Owens’ Gin, Dill & Lemon Zest Cured Salmon


Curing doesn’t take as long as you would expect and it’s a simple, healthy way to eat fish. Instead of just using lemon to cure the fish, this recipe uses gin to take it to the next level.

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3 Nancy Anne Harbord’s Gin, Citrus & Pink Peppercorn Éclairs


This delicately coloured, fruity éclair combines the botanical flavours of high-quality dry gin with a range of different citrus zests.

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4 Dave Watts’ Gin-Cured Salmon With Cucumber & Wasabi Emulsion


Gin proves to be a gorgeous flavouring for salmon in this delicate dish from Dave Watts, with cucumber, dill and wasabi adding further notes of vibrancy.

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