WIN! A La Tua Pasta Bunker Box Worth £120

Calling all carb connoisseurs! The Wordrobe has teamed up with La Tua Pasta for the chance to win the ultimate pasta provisions box worth £120

When it comes to fresh pasta, there’s not much La Tua Pasta doesn’t know. They pride themselves on being an authentic “Pastificio,” making fresh pasta following the most traditional Italian recipes. From flour to eggs, cheeses to vegetables, La Tua source only the finest quality raw materials and ingredients – ensuring a delicious bite every time.

With over 70 impressive awards under their apron, foodies are in for a treat when it comes to ordering their favourite pasta dish. Whether it be gnocchi or a carbonara classic, there’s something for every appetite.

Even better, we’ve teamed up with La Tua Pasta to treat one lucky winner to a delectable Bunker Box. Ideal for stocking up on a dream box of pasta provisions, enjoy 36 meal portions plus antipasti alongside. Freeze, combine and share as you like – the variety will keep you looking forward to each meal.

Here’s what’s included in the jam-packed offering:
• 2 × Tortelloni Braised Wild Boar – 250g
• 2 × Tortelloni Black Truffle & Ricotta – 250g
• 2 × Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta – 250g
• 2 × Tortelloni Pumpkin & Ricotta – 250g
• 2 × Gnocchi filled Tomato & Mozzarella – 250g
• 2 × Ravioli Beef & Black Truffle – 250g
• 2 × Tagliatelle – Egg Pasta – 250g
• 2 × Trofie Vegan – 250g
• 1 × Potato Gnocchi Gluten Free – 500g
• 4 × Fresh Genoese Pesto Sauce – 90g
• 1 × Artisan Tomato Sauce – 650g
• 2 × Artisan Spicy Tomato Sauce – 270g
• 2 × Truffle Butter – 30g
• 2 × Nutmeg Butter – 30g
• 1 × 250g Parmesan Cheese Wedge (Parmigiano Reggiano DOP) – 250g
• 1 × Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cinque Foglie) – 250ml
• 1 × Bresaola – Air Dried Beef – Sliced (Tempus Foods) – 50g
• 1 × Salami- Sliced (Tempus Foods) – 50g

Hungry for more? For your chance to win this fantastic prize, simply enter your details into the form below. Good luck!

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Author: The Wordrobe

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