Sam Moody’s Celeriac Soup With Apple & Hazelnuts

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Michelin-starred chef Sam Moody reveals his recipe for a creamy celeriac soup with added  crunch

For the soup:
• 1-2  celeriac, depending on size
• 50g butter
• 1l of milk
• 1l of water

For the garnish:
• Cox apple. allow ¼ person
• chopped chives
• toasted hazelnuts(allow 3-4 nuts per person)
• virgin rape seed oil

1 Wash your celeriac well. Chopped the celeriac skin into medium dice, place into a pan with the milk, water and a pinch of salt, bring to the boil.
2 At the same time, dice the flesh of the celeriac and in a separate pan sweat in the butter over a medium heat until soft and lightly coloured
3 Pass the celeriac stock though a fine mesh strain onto the celeriac flesh, discard the skin. Bring to a simmer, cover, and allow standing for 20-30 minutes.
4 Blend to a smooth constancy medium thick constancy, adjust seasoning, cool and reserve for later use,
5 To finish, peel and dice your apple, crush the toasted hazelnuts, heat soup, pour into warmed bowls, add the apple, nuts and a sprinkling of chopped chives, finish with a little rape seed oil.

Recipe courtesy of Sam Moody, Head Chef of Ballyfin hotel in Ireland

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