Julien Merceron’s Dark Chocolate & Mint Marshmallow Pops


These little pops make a mouth-wateringly minty bite

Makes 30 

For the lollipops:
• 1 quantity blackcurrant marshmallows
• 3 drops mint essence
• 1g powdered green food colouring, (optional)

For the coating:
• 300g dark chocolate, (70% cocoa)
• 50g crystallised mint leaves

To make the marshmallow:
1 After making the plain marshmallow, stir in the mint essence and green food colouring. 2  Pour the marshmallow into a rectangular dish lined with baking paper to make a layer about 3 cm thick. Allow the marshmallow to set overnight.
3 The next day, cut the marshmallow into cubes and insert a lollipop stick into each one.

To coat the lollipops:
1 Temper the dark chocolate. Dip each lollipop in the chocolate to coat completely and tap lightly to remove excess.
2 Decorate each one with a crystallised mint leaf and place on an acetate sheet. Allow the chocolate to set for 2 hours at 18°C.
3 Detach from the acetate sheet and enjoy.

Recipe courtesy of Julien Merceron, extracted from A la Mere de Famille

Author: The Wordrobe

The Wordrobe is an online magazine for those with a gluttonous appetite for luxury travel and travel.

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