15 Wellness Products For a Feel-Good Boost This January

Whether you’re looking to improve your health or simply lift your spirits this January, discover these 15 small but mighty wellness wonders

Oh, January. The annual month of doom and gloom, living up to its reputation ever more than before thanks to the recent announcement of a full national lockdown. Miserable weather and strict rules might not be the best of combinations, but luckily there’s a whole host of products to try out for a mood-boost at home – with not an overcooked banana bread loaf in sight.

1 Myvegan Gooey Filled Cookies

Cookies for a wellness product? Absolutely. Packed with nutritional benefits, Myvegan Gooey Filled Cookies are a bite of sin-free indulgence. Each low sugar treat features a deliciously soft chocolate outer with a delectable filled centre, packing 13g of plant-powered protein per portion too. Ditch the crash diet and bite into one of these instead.

£24.99 RRP for a box of 12, purchase via myvegan.com

2 waterdrop

Discover an easy way to keep hydrated with Waterdrop® – innovators of the world’s first microdrink – who have launched the world’s first Microtea, a contemporary take on the traditional tea and another first in the new product category. 

Moving away from the classic tea bag, and defining a whole new product category, waterdrop® is the first brand to create a ‘microtea’. Packing the finest fruit and plant extract into a small effervescent cube to create a naturally infused, soothing and delicious tea. Dissolvable in boiling water or warm water straight from the tap, Microtea removes the faff of the classic tea, becoming the perfect on-the-go or desk side companion. Talk about H2ooh.

Taster Pack with 18 Microdrinks, £13.90. Order via en.waterdrop.com

3 Ancient + Brave Cacao + Collagen 250g

Hot chocolate with health benefits, yes please. This delicious smooth, finely ground Peruvian chocolate blend is packed full of antioxidant rich raw cacao, adaptogenic Siberian ginseng and generous amounts of nourishing grass-fed collagen. With notes of cinnamon and Himalayan rose pink salt, it is high in protein and nutrient dense designed for devotees of chocolate and enhanced performance.

Ancient + Brave combines expertise in medical herbalism and functional nutrition creating potent, nutrient rich blends t=hat enhance brain, body and beauty.

£16.50, purchase via planetorganic.com

4 OTO’s Balance CBD Body Oil 

Find relaxation with this relaxing skincare saviour. OTO’s Balance CBD Body Oil restores calm and equilibrium with powerful anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties.

Designed to remedy a stressful lifestyle and condition skin (or anyone who experienced 2020), this high-performance oil blend contains 1000mg of CBD to soothe skin and ease aching muscles alongside its unrivalled holistic healing powers, whilst relaxing essential oils of fragonia, helichrysum and Roman chamomile provide respite for the mind – the ultimate wake-up call or pre-bed body treatment.

£35.00, via Libertylondon.com

5 Grounded Protein’s Plant-Based Protein Milkshakes

Get your milkshake fix without the milk. Grounded’s plant-based protein milkshakes are entirely dairy-free, but each shake still has 20 grams of protein from plants. They’re also also gluten-, GMO-, nut- and soy-free, making them a flexible protein shake option for many different lifestyles. Made with organic cocoa powder and creamy coconut milk, these vegan drinks have the same indulgent taste as traditional creamy serves without the added nasties – and we love the chic packaging too.

Available via the GROUNDED shop, RRP £2.99 per 490ml carton. Find instore and online at Planet Organic. Also available at Selfridges, Gymbox & Soho House.

6 Absolute Collagen Oral Supplement

Give your skin a boost with Absolute Collagen’s hydrolysed marine collagen supplements. Naturally nutritious and an excellent source of nutrients for the body, Absolute Collagen’s liquid sachets can used morning or night for a little beauty plumping.

Dealing with tired and dull-looking skin or limp, lifeless hair? This award-winning product contains 14 sachets of ready-mixed, hydrolysed marine collagen for women. Perfect for looking after yourself on the go, each 10ml serving is packed with protein and essential amino acids. This special formula is also infused with vitamin C, which works synergistically with marine collagen for optimum rejuvenation and tissue renewal.

£32.99 per box, absolutecollagen.com.

7 Skin Gym Rose Quartz Revi beauty roller

Long nights and early starts can take their toll, but luckily this beauty roller is the ideal antidote. Designed to boost your complexion with rose quartz, this massaging tool features roller balls that help massage your facial contours for a naturally sculpted appearance. The deep kneading action of this advanced tool mimics the effect of an aesthetician massage – perfect for a glowy finish at home.

£73.00, purchase via selfridges.com

8 Grow Gorgeous’ Hair Growth Serum Original

No salon, no problem. For a visibly thicker, fuller and denser-looking mane, Grow Gorgeous’ Hair Growth Serum Original holds the key. In as little as 4 weeks, the concentrated serum promises to amp up the volume of thin, flat and limp tresses with a cocktail of intelligent haircare ingredients, including Caffeine, organic Pea Sprout extract and Chinese Scullcap. Visibly thicker, fuller and more voluminous tresses are just a lather away.

£24.00, purchase via lookfantastic.com.

9 Together Health OceanPureT Night Time Magnesium Complex 60 caps

If you’re struggling to get a decent dose of shuteye, Together’s OceanPure™ Night Time Marine Magnesium has all the answers. A relaxing formulation to help you feel rested and restored, along with all the benefits of their much-loved OceanPure™ Magnesium, they’ve added a carefully selected combination of premium hops extract.

£13.50, purchase via planetorganic.com

10 The Super Elixir by WelleCo Australia

Looking for a natural boost? The Super Elixir™ by WelleCo Australia is a premium Nutritional Beauty that’s entirely vegan. Created as a result of supermodel Elle’s Macpherson own personal wellness journey, The Super Elixir is a daily health supplement formulated with more than 45 naturally derived ingredients including whole foods, herbal extracts, Chinese herbs, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, providing both cellular and functional support for the body.

It helps support overall gut health, provides immune support, enhances energy, and helps support the appearance of healthy skin, and stronger hair and nails – and it is presented in a beautiful, refillable caddy for a sleek finishing touch.

£96, purchase via welleco.co.uk.

11 Tom Oliver Vegan Chocolate Coffee High Protein Bars

Healthy snacks all the way! Not only better for you than a chocolate bar and absolutely tasty, Tom Oliver Vegan High Protein Bars are ideal for getting an easy protein boost. Made entirely from plants, they’re both high in protein and low in sugar – the best of both worlds.

£32.99 for a box of 12, purchase via tomolivernutrition.com

12 Rejuvenation Water Immunity Health Pods

Plant-based functional drinks brand Rejuvenation Water has launched a new range of innovative plant-based health pods for Nespresso compatible coffee machines. Designed to be consumed hot, in an espresso sized shot, the new Turmeric & Beetroot Immunity Health Pods contain functional, plant-based ingredients to help support the immune system

Made with a blend of Turmeric & Beetroot enriched in prebiotic plant fibre, amino acids and Vitamin C, D and E.  Each pod has 50% RDA of Vitamin C and D and 83% RDA of Vitamin E, contributing towards the normal function of the immune system & towards the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Caffeine free they can be enjoyed throughout the day.

The natural, plant-based health pods contain no added sugar, sweeteners, colours or flavours. This clean labelled product provides a natural balance of protein, fibre and carbohydrates to help you through the day.  The range is also gluten free, GMO free and completely Vegan.

A box of 10 capsules is priced at £8 or a one-month supply of three boxes (30 capsules) is priced at just £20. Order via rejuvenationwater.com.

13 Punchy Drinks

Embarking upon the Dry January challenge? Keep out of deep water with Punchy Drinks, purveyors of premium soft drinks. punch. On a mission to put alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on a level playing field, these 100% natural craft soft drinks are a sip of success. We recommend trying the Holiday Romance, a mix of juicy peach with hot ginger & fragrant chai.

6 cans for £12.00. Shop via punchydrinks.com/shop.

14 NIO Cocktails (Needs Ice Only)

Quench your thirst during Dry January with NIO Cocktails’ duo of brand-new alcohol-free options, which can be mixed and matched in boxes of 3, 6 or 9 cocktails, so you’ll always have a tipple on hand.

Pour yourself a Virgin Bitters, made with MeMento botanical water, concentrated lemon juice and natural flavourings. Delivering the depth of flavour of a classic bitter aperitif but without the alcohol, NIO Cocktails Virgin Bitters cocktail has a subtle spicy and fruity finish – the perfect set up for evening ahead. There’s also Lemongrass Citrus, a mix of MeMento botanical water, fruit juices and plant extracts. The star in this tipple is Sugar Lemongrass, a graceful and exotic herb that’s a cornerstone of South East Asian cooking. Known for its sweet citrus scent and a vibrant lemon flavour, it was the obvious choice when thinking about creating the ultimate refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail.

From £19.20 for three, via niococktails.co.uk.

15 lululemon’s The Reversible Mat 3mm

Get up and stretch up a sweat with this clever reversible mat from lululemon. Designed especially for yoga, from hot to hatha, this natural rubber mat has a grippy top layer that helps you find balance – whether that’s in the middle of the kitchen or living room.

The polyurethane top layer absorbs moisture to help you get a grip during sweaty practices, whilst natural rubber base gives you cushioning and a textured grip for low-sweat practices.

£48.00, purchase via lululemon.co.uk

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