10 Posh Ways With Toast

Ditch the ordinary toppings and get creative in the kitchen instead. From blue cheese to brioche and coconut cream to chickpeas, here’s ten ways to posh up your next plate of toast

1 Brioche Toast with Peaches & Cream

Brioche Toast Peaches & Cream

Spruce up your breakfast routine with this brioche toast topped with peaches & cream.

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2 Turkish Eggs on Toast



Turkish dried chilli flakes are mild in heat but wonderfully fragrant. They keep for ages so it’s worth grabbing a bag for the larder anytime you see them.

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3 Avocado, Tahini & Chickpea Toast


A good ripe avocado is as rich and voluptuous as a thick smearing of butter but a lot better for you. Here, that creamy texture is tweaked with cumin and tahini and imbued with a magical crunch by the cheeky sprinkling of toasted chickpeas.

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4 Eggs Royale


This eggs royale is royally delicious. Give the smoked salmon a few minutes out of the fridge to come to room temperature before using – this will ensure that the flavours and silky textures are at their best.

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5 Bacon & Beans On Toast


There are some things you don’t mess with. Tinned beans, bright-orange and sloppy, are hard to beat, but these – sticky, sweet and spicy – just might make you change your mind.

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6 Roasted Tomato & Goat’s Cheese Tartine


A tartine is a French open sandwich. In this clever veggie version a dark, nutty bread is matched with a mild goat’s cheese. Whisking the cheese is a cheffy trick that not only improves and lightens the texture but also looks extremely smart swirled onto the toast.

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7 Chic Chocolate Spread & Cream Cheese On Toast


For when the sweet tooth strikes.

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8 Coconut Cream, Bananas & Maple Pecans


Everyone knows that a banana is a sensible and filling breakfast, but caramelising them elevates them to a whole new level.

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9 Blue Cheese, Figs, Parma Ham On Rye


Ripe figs have a sweetness that borders on the indecent. Paired with the salt tang of the ham and the creamy body of the cheese they are sublime.

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10 Soft-Boiled Egg, Asparagus & Pecorino Toast


Fresh young asparagus spears are a terrific treat when they come into season after a dull winter. Pecorino adds a salty tang and keeping the eggs soft boiled creates a creamy sauce without really trying.

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